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Business and personal identity creation

Our No.1 program for ambitious and career-driven people. Set high standards based on your authenticity to become an uncompromisable force in your career and business life, while creating balance and peace of mind in your private life.   


Rich state of mind, overcoming the poverty mindset

The psychological building stones and constructive mind-frames you need to practice to live and act from a prosperous state of mind. (Not only speaking about financial gain.)  


How to acquire your wishes in your life? Our research and collaborations have shown that the mainstream message of the Law of attraction is somewhat incomplete. For example, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is one of 5 key success factors for successfully practicing this Law. This module provides 5 additional insights to operate with the Law of attraction. 

The missing files on the law of attraction


Create from a space that is more significant than yourself.  This module gives you an exact grip and understanding of your emotional and mental reactions and how to work with this 'higher power.' You will get clarity, know what to do, and acquire skills that give you the know-how to prioritize, focus, and be self-motivated.

Unfuck yourself, the art of anticipation instead of reaction


Master the arts of human relationships

Master the art of human relationships and get profound awareness of the psyche behind your perception. Instead of feeling disappointed or trying to force situations, you will create realistic views of who people are and how their actions define them. You will learn to gain respect naturally and acquire skills that filter out the people who match and do not match you on your growth path. The most significant benefits of this module are that you will stop wasting time for wrong reasons and be capable of creating more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life. 

If you would like to know more about the full Tower of Power Program, please fill out the application form and we'll get in touch with you. 

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"Brilliant in-house knowledge for my career and personal life"

Investor and Founder 10x ValuePartners

~ Christian Schroeder


"Becoming a better leader, by evolving on our good points and solving issues to the heart"

CEO and Founder Huera

~ Marc Coloma


"I achieved personal and professional goals much faster since I learned how to break down emotional patterns"

Investor and Entrepreneur

~ Steven Glod


"Strategising life without massive dependencies is self-evident, yet has to be a conscious choice that requires effort."

Entrepreneur and Board-member Readdle

~ Denys Zhadanhov

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"The development of self that helped me to evolve professionally, and solve matters privately "

CEO Brandlab | CXO Huawei

~ Linda Stanneider


"Transformative work turning the personal suffering of being an entrepreneur into positive and productive energy"

Chairman Ceo, Berlin Chapter

~ Carsten Hermann

What you should know before applying

Prior to submitting your application, please keep in mind that our ability to provide you with effective guidance and representation is contingent upon two fundamental principles: complete honesty and full transparency. These principles are not merely desirable but rather indispensable for ensuring the safety and success of both our esteemed clients and us. Additionally, privacy and discretion are integral to our core values and are highly respected at Safe House. Please select the aspects that are most relevant to you in the application form, and we will get in touch with you afterward.


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