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Safe House


Elevating Business and Entertainment's Best and Brightest

Legacy Island 

At The Island

Welcome to Safe House 

We are an invite-only initiative. If you have found yourself on this page, it's because someone from our community or one of our members vouched for you. That's a good sign because we are a community that values quality and integrity above all else. 

Our program is grounded in the wisdom we have gathered by working with establishments in various industries. And by connecting our selected members on the Island, we create an environment where knowledge and expertise are exchanged freely, and new ideas are born. The result is an unparalleled experience that can't be found anywhere else.

But our focus goes beyond just professional success. We believe that true success is rooted in honesty, integrity, and self-awareness. That's why a grant part of our guidance is on the evolution of self and the clear distinction between personal and business identity based on authenticity, which helps our members to build long-term careers and create more peace of mind, balance, and connection in all aspects of their lives.

Application & Selection Process

The Island ​​Invite Card

  • Safe House's Island Editions are invite-only.  If you received this invitation card, a member or someone from our community vouches for you. The mansion edition is accessible without an invite card, altho there is still an application and selection process in place.  

  • All Safe House editions are growth experiences based on the intake and assessment of the selected people. 

  • Please click "Apply" to fill out our form, and we'll contact you. 

Tower of Power Mansion

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  • 10  Seats Per Edition

  • Included the 3-day Tower of Power progra

  • Located at the most beautiful landscapes of Croatia 

  • Sharing the experience with 10 likeminded individuals of various industries  

  • Incl. Chefcook and staff

  • Safe House Assistant present 

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Price 10k


Legacy Island

  • Invite Only 

  • After our application round, we select 5 individuals per edition to visit the private island.

  • Incl. Tailored program to the five selected individuals. (Two months development)

  • 5 Established individuals that share their knowledge and wisdom and create new opportunities  together

  • Incl. B-class licensed armed security.
    (If you wish to take people of your own  security team,  please consult with our team)


  • Access by Helicopter, boat optional

  • Private Chefcook  and Island Staff 

  • Safe House Island manager present

copper badge.png

Price 25k

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 7 Days on Legacy Island

  • Invite only, One-on-One Edition

  • Creating the philosophy behind your legacy 

  • The first 2 days are the identification of your central belief systems operating

  • Day 3 is the start of your legacy program

  • The Evergreen. Days 4 to 6 are the layout and roadmap of the philosophy of your legacy and the message you leave as a universal imprint

  • On day 7 we re-assess everything

  • Incl. B-class licensed armed security. If your own security team is wished-for,  please consult with our team 

  • Access by Helicopter, boat optional

  • Private Chefcook  and Island Staff 

  • Safe House Island manager present

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Price on Request

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