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The Safe House Island

Elevating Business and Entertainment's Best and Brightest

At The Island

​​Welcome to the Island

Four times a year on the private Island in the heart of South America, we create a unique experience for five individuals to evolve, not just professionally but also emotionally and spiritually.

Together with Henri Meijer,  who is known for his discerning work on the personal evolution of young billionaires,  legacy families,  and establishments in business and entertainment, our goal is to create meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals to learn, share and create possibilities. 

For every Island Edition, we take the intakes from the five participants and review each intake to create a customized program that covers the unique needs and goals of the participants. 

Application & Selection Process

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​​Invite Card

  • This invitation card, It's bound to you, and you alone. When you're filling out the application form, make sure to copy or write down the code exactly as it appears on the card

  • Once you've completed our intake process,  we'll review all the applications carefully, and we'll let you know if you've been selected to join us on the island.

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Elevating Business and Entertainment's Best and Brightest

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