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Template I - Business E-mail - 3rd Parties

Hi Henri and ...


I would like to connect you both because I believe you can help each other business-wise.

Option 1: Henri, I worked with .... on ...., and he/she is a ....... to work with. 

Option 2: Own intro based on the relationship

..Name.., last year I booked a Safe House Edition to work with Henri personally. Henri helped me in many ways to evolve personally and in my career and connected me to great people in business.

The reason I am connecting with you is that I know you both are very selective with people and would benefit from each other's network. I know Henri has a great network of managers and C-levels as well, and could maybe help find good fits for .....Company name......

I would suggest having a call to get to know each other, I vouch for both of you. 

Kind regards, 

Henri and Introduction


The Call between Henri and 3rd Party

 Introduction T&T


Introduction to T&T

Hey Max und ......., 


Ich freue mich euch zu connecten, bitte sei so frei ein Gespräch mit ein änder einzuplanen.

Maximilian, ..... ist den ...... beim ...... und immer interessiert am gute Qualität Leute für seine Company. 

......, Maximilian ist unseres geheime Waffe und hatte mich, und meine künde immer top Professionals gebracht. 

Hierbei eure beide contact daten:

​Hierbei uberlass ich es an euch beide. 

Mit freundliche grüß, 


Connect by E-mail or Phone, and I will take it from there to make an appointment.  Have an introduction call to find out what the company is in need of. Then make the transition to T&T. 

Aaah yes, ok I have a bit of a secret weapon there. 

- My Secret Wapon Maximilian Auhlinger von T&T. 


Why t&t? 

- They have a profound selection process providing the right fits, which lowers the chance of rehires.

- They don't have these upfront commissions as most recruiting companies have - They are the only recruitment company I know, who have these brilliant questions for both the company and candidates where they filter out if people are matching.  I only had quality people coming through them.

So that's why they are our secret weapon. 

Darf ich ihre telefonnr. Weiter leiten und ihrere e-mail addresse? 

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