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The private network for fast-growing

Safe House is a highly curated membership community for entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs.

Elevating Business Best and Brightest

Become part of the fastest growing high-growth start-up community in Europe and the UK

For our members, success is just the beginning. What they really crave is the sense of belonging, support, and connection that can only be found within a highly curated community of peers who share their entrepreneurial spirit.


Your Safe House group

Join a monthly group of 8 entrepreneurs led by a Safe House facilitator who facilitates discussions where members share advice and provide critical feedback to help each other accelerate business growth.

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The Top Talent for Start-up growth 

We understand the challenges of identifying the most suitable service providers/personnel for a given job, be it lawyers, UX/designers, recruiters, programmers, developers, and so on. To address this concern, we curate an organically growing Top Talent list of specialists and services that have been endorsed by our members and are deemed highly reliable.

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Life Community

We host dinners in all our top locations where our Members are active. We are aware of the importance of real-life connections, and that is why we facilitate these unforgettable evenings together. 

Digital Community

Access an online community of founders and CEOs who offer helpful advice, guided by a digital concierge, and a weekly newsletter.

Personal Development

For those interested in personal development and seeking to evolve on a personal level, we give access to specialists that have developed methodologies and offer solutions that create a mind-frame that is especially useful for entrepreneurs. Two sessions are included in your membership,

Even more benefits to come 

We will keep creating benefits for our members while our community grows. We are in service of the growth and healthy life style of our community. 


Together we'll win

The entrepreneurial road can be a lonely one. Long working hours, covering hard decisions every day with imperfect information, and tackling problems you've probably never even seen before.


In our journey, we've learned that the key to overcoming these challenges is learning from the wins and losses of others who've been in your shoes. Surrounding yourself with founders who've been there, done that. When you finally stumble upon your tribe, it is a game-changer. This is where Safe House shows its worth.

When you join Safehouse, you're instantly plugged into a tribe of founders and entrepreneurs who are in the same game as you. They get it, and when they combine forces, it is life-changing.


By joining Safehouse, you get direct access to a network of founders and entrepreneurs who are going through the same challenges as you.