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Network As A Service

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Winning together


The House

The Members of the community

Well-connected, integrity, recommended by network, credibility, respected, 

achievement, openminded, curious. 

10% of every deal made will go to the house. The House consists of the member who are shareholders. Start with 20 influential and impactful people from different industries 


When it breaks and burns we love


Wished for aritist

Lewis Capaldi, Adele.

Action taker

For Example: Michael Collins


10% of all deals and membership go to NAAS for monotizing 

10% Action taker

10% Community

80% Creator

When artist takes the song

-10% to community

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- Safe House Representation -

1We match businesses and people that enable more business for each other.
2Everyone in our network is established in their field.
3We have insights into various market
s, spotting opportunities and possibilities early on for our clientele. 

4. We only take on projects we believe in and know our network can provide added value. 

5. We regulatorily create deals worth millions. 

6. When we represent you, we will make sure we emphasize your image and reputation based on credibility, competence, and reliability before you engage in any conversation with the other parties. We have studied and mastered representing to create favorable outcomes for our clientele's business engagements, collaborations, and deal flow.    

Application & Selection Process

If they don't want to sing it, who are they thinking of this song might be good for

Become A Member

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Only Members that add value get a share. If they haven't added value or shown any involvement, they will not get their share paid out. And their % of the share will go to all other members. 

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