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Safe House

Legacy Island

Elevating Business and Entertainment's Best and Brightest

At The Island

​​Welcome to the Island

Four times a year on the private Island in the heart of South America, we create a profound experience for the selected individuals to evolve, not just professionally but also emotionally and spiritually.

Together with Henri Meijer,  who is known for his discerning work on the personal evolution of influential entrepreneurs,  legacy families,  and establishments in business and entertainment, to bring harmony and balance into place and look at the personal evolution of every single individual. 

For every Island Edition, we take the intakes of the selected participants and review each intake to create a customized program that covers their needs and goals.

Application & Selection Process

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​​Invite Card

  • Safe House is an invite-only initiative.  If you received this invite card, that means a member of our community believes you would be a good fit for Safe House and vouches for you. 

  • Please click "Apply" to fill out our form, and we'll contact you. 

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