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The Power of Evolving Through Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence


The Safe House Experience

The Safe House Experience helps you to evolve on a self-aware and high level of emotional intelligence. 


Our research and collaborations have shown that keeping a clear separation between personal and business identity based on authenticity is key to achieving lasting success. And enables people to well-function with clarity, confidence, and integrity.

We work with individuals across various industries, including Business, Sports, Entertainment, and Social Movements, to uplevel their self-awareness, confidence, self-image, motivation, and social skills. Successfully improving relationships, better communication, and greater success in personal and professional life.

At Safe House, we understand that true success is not only about achieving goals and striving for excellence. Because the evolutionary imperative also relies upon being a kind, loving, honest, and self-aware human being. Through this evolution of the self, we can create peace of mind, balance, and connection in all aspects of our lives. 

Friends & Family Application

On Thursday and Friday, we have a total of 8 hours of available

The Safe House Experience

We created some free slots for friends and family. Feel free to apply, and get in touch with you to book some sessions with you.

The content given by Safe House can not be used for commercial purposes, and the prices of the session vary from the general prices of Safe House. 

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