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The Tower of Power

The Greatest Gift to Yourself

Who is Henri Thomas? 

The Story of his Career and Life 



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Get ready to be blown away, inspired, motivated, energized, and challenged! Henri Thomas is here to take you on a journey to the deepest corners of yourself, but even more importantly, he is here to help you create that identity, that personality with the arrangements, skills, and wisdom capable of bringing your vision of who you want to be to life. The persona that is capable of making your vision a reality, taking you from who you are to who you want to be.

His career started in May 2024, in June his first podcast came out, where he interviewed Jake Paul on the creation of Jake Paul. Followed by Evander Holyfield, while Thomas started to get monthly podcasts with some of the most inspiring people in the industry, his Tower of Power program blew up, he started collaborating with high profile Athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and public figures. Who all made major breakthroughs through his Tower of Power identities, becoming close friends with Henri, and whenever they need his assistance they know they can count on him

While his podcast became part of his life, in August 2024 Henri started his first course. The brilliance of this course is, he did it in collaboration with some of the top people on the planet. Imagine having Arnie or Sly as your teacher, or knowing how to create the the victorious mindset of world champions. 


The Greatest Gift To Win In Life

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Has a endless source of energy

Happy Family


You will leave the session motivated to do what you need to do



Is one of the world top performers when  it comes to identity creation

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Knows how to influence and ask the right questions that will move people

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Wisdom comes from a source greater then ourselves

The shift, how did Henri Meijer become Henri Thomas?


Henri Thomas: I stopped identifying with Henri Meijer, not because I don't like or love myself, but because of the outcome, his past that made him want to help everyone, but still needed appreciation and validation to get the recognition he didn't get a child. Henri was an emotionally abandoned child, with a lot of mental abuse in his upbringing. Something had to change, and I was aware since I was 12, I could sculpt identities that help me to get the desired results, that's how I got out of my house at 15. I seem to do great with people who have a high emotional intelligence, are wise, achieve great things in their lives, and are content with themselves. The majority of the crowd wants to 'hang' me, when I help! 

Henri Thomas doesn't have these pitfalls, he doesn't search for validation, confirmation, or appreciation. He is convinced and confident that his identity creation can help anyone hungry, and willing to put in the daily work to achieve greatness.  He is enough and is just here to give and create value as much as he can. Putting himself first, so he can help others, he is centered and does whatever it takes to put himself in a prime state of mind, ALWAYS! Thomas is aware of the power of vulnerability, he drives it with the power of association, unlike Henri Meijer, who shared things that can be used against him, with good intent to help, but leaving him vulnerable in the bad sense of the word. Meijer confronted people with the the truth, and instead of formulating it forms of question around the belief or action of the person, he confronted them with the 'miss'-behavior. Meijer could be thrown out of his center, not being heard, and when people turn against him, who first pretended to be his best friend, this hurt made him redaw, isolate, and make himself smaller. Most people are not waiting for the truth, or being wronged, actually, the chances of them turning against you because of it, are rather high than low. Henri Meijer was focused on the needs, Henri Thomas is focused on the wants, the experience, and what people want to feel. If that later on helps them with their needs... great that is a win-win. 


or in the false context can create . He is discreet, answers with repelling questions that will make you question your action, or re-direct your belief. He is a pleasant personality who actually cares and wants to help you, tho though love is a part of him. He will find a way with you how to succeed, and will put all means to an end to help you get there. He has high demands and commitment expectations, without the commitment in place, he will not work with you.  

Ok great... but that still hasn't answered the question, Who is Henri Thomas?

Career Identity / Personality

Henri's success lies in his unshakable belief that creating a secondary identity, or even a third, creates the necessary beliefs and motivation to be successful in his Program. This requires a deeper understanding of self-awareness, knowing your strengths and pitfalls, Thomas, studies, has a success Syntax that he uses in all area's of his life. He creates undisturbed time, where he can improve. He is obsessed with making people succeed in whatever area in their lives they want to succeed. It all starts with the inner work before it becomes the outer result, no exceptions met. He is up to date on the industries he moves in. 

Optimization and outcome 

The way to do that is to learn from the best, Henri has surrounded himself by mentors. With his podcast, he wants to create knowledge about the identities and believes that create greatness, and why some succeed where others fail. 

The T.O.P. Daily Success Model

The minimum effort, to maximize the result. The 80/20 principle. Our Success-Model refers to a structure and an efficient daily arrangement, including principles and routines needed for your desired outcome. We will work top-down, and with consistency being key, it enables progress of 1% every day to get where you want to be. This module is designed to simplify and execute both career and personal life goals.

Always stay centered

The program emphasizes a holistic approach, addressing multiple facets of an individual's life, including mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This ensures that you are well-rounded and capable of handling diverse challenges from an optimal state of mind. 

Perception vs. Perspective

Emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and growth, regular feedback loops are in place. This ensures we can increase the chances of preventing perceptions from creating illusions, allowing us to think and act from common sense and perspective. Also keep in mind career is a numbers game, from the very get-go. Don't even fall into the trap of being disappointed, entitled, or keeping yourself in an illusion. 

His Lifestyle and Health

Henri Thomas looks great with a T-shirt, is physically top fit, eats healthy, primes his mind and body daily, and keeps close track of his body levels. His major advantage is how to deal with stress, and if 'attacks' occur, may these come from envy, false allegations to get financial compensation or fraud. Thomas is prepared and has a plan in place for how to deal with that, and puts in gatekeepers where necessary. Ownership and understanding are key in that success. Example: 'I understand we didn't bring the best out of each other' or 'I know the person gave it her best, and even tho it didn't come to the wished results, my success bothers her.

Some Words of Our Clients

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Linda Stanneider

CEO and Founder

This development has helped me to improve more constructive and positive outcomes in my personal life and business.

Christian Schroder 

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Brilliant knowledge for my personal life and career.

Sylvia Dudek

Director Investment Group

Every day helped me to grow emotionally and mentally, which has definitely elevated my career and my skills in positioning myself in life.
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Denys Zhadanov


Henri helped me clearly see a few things that were holding me back. Ultimately, the main idea that I embraced after our sessions was that I should strategize my life without massive dependencies on other people and partners. This is self-evident, yet it has to be a conscious choice that requires effort.

Tenika Davis

Model and Actress

The Tower of Power helped me to unlock limiting beliefs, Henri became an important part of my team and journey.
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