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Hi Rebecca, I made some templates we can use in the process. This page can be updated. 


Template I - Business E-mail - Potential Candidate

Title: Become part of the fastest-growing network for high-growth founders.



If you are receiving this e-mail, that means you’ve attended one of our Safe Houses, Legacy Island,  dinners,  events with Henri Meijer,   or been recommended by one of our members.

In our journey of guiding and representing high-growth founders and angel investors, we've learned that the key to overcoming challenges and accelerating business growth is created by getting together groups of selected founders like yourself, who've been in your shoes, been there, and done that. And when you finally stumble upon your tribe, it is a game-changer. For founders who are working towards an exit  and founders who had an exit, this is where Safe House connects and shows its value:   Safe House Membership Club 

We will still continue to host our 4 editions of Legacy Island every year for 5 influential individuals in business and entertainment, to grow and prosper and explores opportunities together on the private Island in Brazil.  

If you believe, like us, that network is key, join us at Safe House and become part of a highly engaged community, become part  of your own Safe House 'mastermind' group of  8, click here to explore  Safe House Membership Club 

Or, if you prefer to directly to book a call with me,  click on this calandly links  discovery call with us: 

Kind regards, 



We don’t want to waste your time! - Please shortly read our membership criteria to see if you are a fit:

Our members have an average annual revenue of €10M, and to become a member, the minimum community requirements are €1M in revenue, a €1,5M in funding, or a previous exit. We cater to high-growth founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. We are all about quality over quantity, and that is why every applicant goes through a thorough interview and assessment process. Out of a large pool of applicants, only 15% are accepted into our community, resulting in a truly exceptional group of individuals who cultivate meaningful relationships and bring significant value. 


Template II (alterntive) - Business E-mail - Potential Candidate

Title: Safe House - Legacy Island  Edition. 


You are receiving this E-mail because you’ve attended one of the Safe Houses,  Legacy Island, dinners with Henri Meijer,  participated in our private events or trips, or been recommended by one of our members.

We value each member of our community equally, and we want to let you know that we opened the application for our Island Editions in October and November  Legacy Island . We are looking forward to creating magic together. 

And that is exactly what we are inviting you to do, have a discovery call with us:

Kind regards, 



E-mail planning interview after interest 



To ensure that we create the best possible experience for all our guests, we would like to schedule a 15-minute interview with you. This will allow us to get to know you better and ensure that your participation aligns with the criteria we have set for Legacy Island. 


The reason for this interview is that it provides us with insights that will help us curate the perfect environment for you and the other attendees.


I look forward to connecting with you,


kind regards,

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