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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of and and supplements the “Terms and Conditions of Henri Meijer Consultancy.”

1. Compliance & Scope

Henri Meijer Consultancy abides by the GDPR Standards, Requirements, and relevant Estonian federal laws on Personal Data Protection. This policy outlines how we handle a very limited amount of non-sensitive personal data from those interacting with our services, events, and online presence.

Consent: By using this website, you consent to our data handling practices as described here.

2. Data Usage

We use a restricted amount of non-sensitive and non-critical data to:

  • Keep you informed about our company and offerings.

  • Update you on news, events, research, and other relevant topics.

  • Maintain a business relationship.

  • Ensure technical administration and fraud prevention.

This data is retained only as long as necessary.


3. Personal Data Handling

We are committed to safeguarding your Personal Data and ensure GDPR compliance. Most services do not require registration, but some (e.g., forums, workshops) may require minimal personal data. Failure to provide this data may restrict access to certain offerings.

4. Data Protection Principles


Henri Meijer Consultancy and Safe House are dedicated to:

  • Complying with Estonian data protection laws and the EU’s Privacy Policy.

  • Using data exclusively for smooth operation of and to deliver tailored content.

5. Definitions

  • Personal Information: Individual information about a user.

  • User: Someone who uses and

  • Registration Data: Information required to sign up for our newsletters or online courses.

6. Registration Data Collection

To register for our newsletter or online courses, the following data is mandatory:

  • First name

  • First name

  • Email

  • Company

  • Job title


Depending on the service, additional data may be requested. All user data is visible to Henri Meijer Consultancy and the Safe House team, and can be edited or deleted by the user.


7. Content Storage

All content, including images, videos, and text attachments, is synchronized with our server and stored.


8. Disclosure & Sharing

We respect user privacy and won't share personal information beyond necessary limits. Personal Data may be disclosed to affiliates or partners, but only for agreed purposes and in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


9. Linked Websites & Social Media

Our website may link to other sites or social media networks. We are not responsible for their content or data practices. It's recommended to review the privacy policies of each site you visit.


10. Age Restrictions

Use of and is limited to legally-aged users. Parents/guardians are responsible for minors. We don’t knowingly collect data from users under 16, and will delete such data if discovered.


11. Policy Availability

This Privacy Policy can be accessed and printed from and For queries, contact

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