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The Tower Of Power Progam

Spiritual gain for Personal and Professional Impact


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Why do some make it while others do not? And I am not only referring to business success, resources and wealth. How do you build spiritual rapport in your world, and what does that add to your professional success? How high is the quality of your thoughts and emotions? How is your experience of life stimulated, and how self-aware are you? Which parts of your life can you build sustainably, and which are seasonal, and do you understand and accept the nature of them? Do you catch yourself lingering in the past? What is the meaning of your past, and do you use it for the good of your future? I could go on and on, but all these questions and their answers are interrelated and work like clockwork, day and night when you are awake, and when you sleep. They all determine the quality of your experience in this lifetime and the legacy you leave behind. 

Time is relative, obtaining the right knowledge and creating an evolved mindset are key to success. To keep it in the analogy of the watch, a refined clockwork, that doesn't tell you what time it is, but rather the time for what. A clockwork that you can observe, where you can lose track of time, and shows you now it's time. Not an ordinary timepiece, but a refined mechanism that guides us not by the hour but by the significance of moments.


Whether you have identified your God-given talents or not, once you understand them and dedicate consistent time and effort with discipline toward them, you will experience not only a significant improvement in the quality of your thoughts and feelings but also, as your energy rises, gain the opportunity to make an impact, not only on your own life but also on the lives of others. So, wind up and invest time and resources into a clockwork that helps you discover the kinds of questions, knowledge, and wisdom needed to build a continuously elevating mindset. This will shorten your journey to achieving spiritual, personal, and professional success in life.


A profound and practical understanding of the Spiritual and Human design for business and career-driven people.

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The Trinity behind world-class success 
Practical spiritual and human design, combined with world-class knowledge 

Math Exercises



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The Tower of Power Program: a state-of-the-art program designed for individuals who are career- and business-driven. We are dedicated 'watchmakers', craftsmen and women, here to support your aspirations and to help you select and wear a watch you're proud of, one that helps you get your timing right. 

To give it a bit more context and history. The biggest realization came after we opened our Business Club, where we gather people who have achieved extraordinary success and accomplishments in their fields. Their knowledge and wisdom not only provide insight into their drive and mindset, but despite their differences in character, there are essential parts of their mindsets and universal patterns that remain the same. These elements, undisputedly, have led them to achieve greatness.

Emotional intelligence and the need for significance by the establishment. I want to emphasize and point out the main factors we pay attention to, in the application process for our selected members. Next to your achievements, they possess a certain degree of emotional intelligence, meaning compassion and social competence, and all have the need for significance—meaning a drive and curiosity that stimulates the need to continuously grow and evolve beyond their status quo. 

For example, you can see they are all curious and free from the disease of fear. They approach the unknown with questions and search for resources, drawing on the experiences of those who have paved the way before them, innovating and creating spaces that lead to selfless creative solutions. What does 'selfless' mean in this context? They tap into wisdom, a source, field, or whatever you may call it, beyond themselves. This is the same source from which music originates, new mathematics emerges, and individuals develop skills beyond mere technicality, allowing them to rely on this creative source for guidance. As abstract as this might sound, among these individuals, it is as normal as breathing air. They honor and respect, and have no ego involved in that space. 


Is it real, or not? How unshakable is your trust and belief? This brings me to the point: if you strongly believe in the nature of whatever it is that is providing that, does that serve as proof of its existence? For these folks, it obviously does, and they unanimously agree. My belief is that deep down inside, we all know this; we just have to learn to cut through the noise and listen, since it whispers rather than shouts. I believe these individuals have simply taught themselves to listen more intently, cut out what doesn't serve them, trust their instincts and place importance on what, in their eyes, constitutes good character and integrity. All under the umbrella of the universal laws and physics we all abide by.

Are you a fit? Let's find out. I wrote this passage to offer you a glimpse into the possibilities and opportunities universe and mindset. Each Tower of Power program is developed uniquely for you and with you. Meaning we consider your God-given talents and craft every part of the program around the authentic essence that shapes you as a person. I emphasize to everyone I work with that this program, it is created in partnership with you, and can only succeed if you are willing to be radically honest, transparent, and vulnerable from the start. If you're willing to do that, then over a period of 6 months, together we will dedicate 12 sessions to lay the foundation for greatness, you can use over the course of your lifetime and rely on in good and challenging times. 

Success Stories

"Henri Tower of Power provides great insights and wisdom about life, business and people. Besides that, Henri helped me excel with clearity and direction. I highly recommend Safe House because of their brilliant in-house knowledge for personal and career growth." 

Christian Schroeder - 10X VALUE PARTNERS

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A profound and practical understanding of the Spiritual and Human design for business and career-driven people.

Your Tower Power Program

Clients & Partners

Get an agent! 

Furtune and wealth are just a part of excellence, to achieve greatness, we are have to understand spirituality and great chrachter


-Your mind as your best friend 

- peace of mind 

- Being content 

- Points of greatness 

- React from gratitide,

- Understand the filters (save time knowing you are not for each other) 

- Develop and trust your gut 

- Living without regrets 

- Pardon, someone 

- Humbles

- Never shame someone 

- Understand the culture 

- Observe don't talk about yourself 

- The power of not engaging 

- The Power of Silence 

- Stay Polite 

Be dangerous when needed 

Get an agent! 

Furtune and wealth are just a part of excellence, to achieve greatness, we are have to understand spirituality and great chrachter


- The mindset of a title fighter 

- The Entrepreneurial mind 

- How to deal with Fame 

Wise people of the grid

- The CFO (Tina) 

The     Retreats

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The Safe House Experience
After your assessment and the development of your Tower of Power Program. You will partner up with Henri Meijer for three days, combining spiritual insights and gaining wisdom that you can use to create a victorious next chapter in your life.

The House And Services
The Safe Houses, situated in the most stunning locations worldwide, ensure an optimal experience through our concierge services, which cater to all your needs. From travel arrangements to a private chef and personal assistant, the Safe Houses offer a comprehensive luxury service to make your stay unforgettable.
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Beach Town
"Henri helped me clearly see a few things that were holding me back. Ultimately, the main idea that I embraced after our sessions was that I should strategize my life without massive dependencies on other people and partners. 





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