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Henri Meijer

Uniting world-class Knowledge, People and Partners

Henri Meijer

Your ambition, whether personal or business, deserves a world-class approach. Work with us to not just fulfill those ambitions, but achieve them with significance!

If you've found your way to this page, it's because a member of our community speaks highly of you. We're truly honored by the opportunity to meet you and warmly welcome the chance to make your acquaintance.


A Trusted Business Family 


A Glimpse Into My Journey

My journey into entrepreneurship started at 15, during the early days of search engines. Growing up with an artist father, I discovered my passion not just in composing music but also in trading vintage guitars, which the World Wide Web enabled me to do globally. Four years later, I shifted my focus more to music composing, which unexpectedly, led me to work with people who struggled to reintegrate into society. Through music we where able to let them express their feelings and speak authentically. Here, I found a much deeper sense of meaning, which, without me knowing, later in life, gave me a clear definition of my purpose and how I can make a constructive impact on the lives of many. I wanted to create a safe space, a place where you can evolve beyond the defaults of your own suffering.   


 'When what you think, what you say, and what you do are aligned, we experience harmony in life'. 

A Trusted Business Family

Almost two decades later, this vision evolved into Safe House, an identity that holistically embodies that ethos back then. This ethos forms the foundation of every safe house company. We highly value individuals who treat their surroundings with a familial mindset, prioritize long-term relationships over short-term gains, stand by their word, are authentic, and place great importance on maintaining integrity. At the Safe House Business Club, we nurture a community of like-minded established individuals with a need for significance, who only choose to let people close who demonstrate these traits.

Personal and Business Growth

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Tower Of Power Program
For folks aspiring to evolve in their personal and professional spheres, I partner with them on a six-month journey of development.

While this path is often quite uncomfortable, it proves to be deeply rewarding, requiring self-honesty, ownership, and the development of a mindset that can effectively master reactive thoughts and emotions. Improving the quality of life.

You will gain wisdom that helps you minimize the waste of time and money on mere wants, allowing you to concentrate more on true needs, thus creating a balance between short-term gratification and long-term goals. In the end, it cultivates a healthy mindset and a respected character.

Testimonials Tower of Power Program

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"Henri helped me clearly see a few things that were holding me back. Ultimately, the main idea that I embraced after our sessions was that I should strategize my life without massive dependencies on other people and partners. This is self-evident, yet it has to be a conscious choice that requires effort.”

~ Denys Zhadanov

Entrepreneur and Boardmember Readdle 

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"Safe House provides great insights and knowledge about life, leadership, and how to deal well with people. Besides that, Henri helped me excel with clarity and direction. I highly recommend Safe House because of their brilliant in-house knowledge for personal and career growth.

Entrepreneur and Investor

~ Christian Schroeder

Companies & Services

Safe House is a recommendation-only business club, that unites established entrepreneurs, investors, and up-and-coming / influential figures from the media and entertainment industries. It offers a trusted space for networking, access to investment opportunities that aim at long-term sustained wealth creation, and strategic partnerships.
VCN is a US Media Group created with the sole aim of acquiring and growing renowned content creators in the US. My role at VCN was centered on bringing together business and creative individuals, who now stand as the backbone of VCN, driving the business forward
We represent a select group of distinguished individuals. Our approach to representation guarantees they enter any meeting from a position of strength, thereby increasing the chances of forging successful strategic partnerships
At the Studio
Song Analytics was designed for Artists to hone their 'song'-craft before studio recording. Within three years, it acquired a renowned studio in the Netherlands and teamed up with Don Willard, Co-producer of the Beach Boys, to assist upcoming artists. Song Analytics was sold in 2015. 
The Safe Houses are located in the most beautiful locations around the globe. Here, you partner up with Henri Meijer for three days, combining spiritual insights and gaining wisdom that you can use to create a victorious next chapter in your life.

The     Retreats

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The Safe House Experience
After your assessment and the development of your Tower of Power Program. You will partner up with Henri Meijer for three days, combining spiritual insights and gaining wisdom that you can use to create a victorious next chapter in your life.

The House And Services
The Safe Houses, situated in the most stunning locations worldwide, ensure an optimal experience through our concierge services, which cater to all your needs. From travel arrangements to a private chef and personal assistant, the Safe Houses offer a comprehensive luxury service to make your stay unforgettable.
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Contact & Bookings


Private Sessions with Henri Meijer 

If you are interested in booking Henri Meijer personally, please contact

A 3 day all-inclusive Safe House Retreat 

Safe House combines a 3-day transformative retreat with Henri Meijer and luxury concierge services in stunning global locations, ensuring a memorable journey to personal victory.

Safe House Representation or Business Club 

Safe House Business Club is an exclusive, referral-based hub connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and emerging media and entertainment figures, providing networking, investment access, and partnership opportunities.

Thank you for visiting. For any further information or questions please fill out the application form. And we will get back to you. 

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