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The Tower of Power

The Greatest Gift to Yourself


By adopting proven success methodologies and mastering world-class social and communication skills, you surpass 95% of people and possess the essentials that you can apply to any business you wish to build.

Increase your Sales, Communicate with Clarity and Grow Your Business

The Freelance Program

Gym Instructor

Business Identity

Achieve professional greatness

through creating a crystal clear business identity

Giving a Lecture

Emotional Intelligence

Increasing your success by combining E.Q. with assumed ownership and positive reinforcement 



A developed daily structure that will get you 1% closer to your goal every day

Politician with Supporters

Qualify and collaborate Mastery

How to pick solid partners, clients, and build long term relationships

Trainer with Black Top


All the personal development that is nececcery to get to you core

Is it Your Sales? Your Product? or is it You?

To achieve true success, you need all three elements to work in harmony. Be honest with yourself: do you find yourself spending too much time wondering why a client didn't buy? Do you overanalyze every detail, questioning what you did wrong or what you could have done differently? Or do you convince yourself that they just don’t understand how amazing your product is, thinking it's their loss?


Stop thinking too much. None of those thoughts will lead to actions that will give you the desired outcome. Life is not a game of chance; it’s a series of deliberate actions and sequences. Success won’t come knocking at your door by accident.


It’s time to break free from this cycle. Simplify your approach: input equals output. We will start with YOU, creating internal clarity about the life you truly want to live, and identifying what genuinely makes you happy. After that, we'll align the principles you need, so we can create the actions that will lead you to your desired outcomes.

And trust me, if you do half as well as the people who did this program before you, increase your numbers everywhere, and are disciplined enough to maintain consistency, you will succeed without a doubt!


You will realize it's a mind and numbers game, and anyone who understands how it works can do it. It will not be comfortable, and there will be times that it will not be easy, but if you are willing to take a leap of faith, put in the hard work, you will win.

Fitness Training

Step One: Mental Framing

We have invented a simplified mythology to not only help you with the view of the world you are about to choose, but also how to succeed in that world. Discover more about yourself, and uncover your interests, biases, habits, and behavior patterns. Reprogram the parts of the brain that need to evolve, embrace this new perspective and start your journey to a brighter future.

Gym Instructor

Step Two: Business Identity

Consistency is King!
You can disengage, you learn how to shut it down and win by decreasing workload and time, and implement consistency. This part of your Success Syntax, has proven to be more successful then anything else if you follow through

Fitness Training

Step Three: The Numbers Game

We have invented a simplified mythology to not only help you with the view of the world you are about to choose, but also how to succeed in that world. Discover more about yourself, and uncover your interests, biases, habits, and behavior patterns. Reprogram the parts of the brain that need to evolve, embrace this new perspective and start your journey to a brighter future.

What is the Business Identity?

Before we build up your business/career identity, you will start with an experienced Tower of Power partner to conduct a deeper assessment of your personal and professional standing. 

After completing the assessment and the first two sessions, you'll start the creation of your business identity assigned to your dedicated business coach.


Why do we have a minimum of 65% success rate improvement for our clients reaching their targets? This is due to two main factors. First, many of the world's most successful companies and entrepreneurs rely on business coaching to differentiate themselves from the competition, and with profound accountability comes increased success. Second, what sets us apart from our competitors is our unique success syntax—a combination of methodologies—which, when thoroughly followed, will lead to increased revenue and business growth.

What is the meaning of life? Stop thinking so much about life. Life is made out of actions. Because it's not gonna fly around somewhere and by luck you're gonna grab it. You find something and give meaning to it. Something you like to spend your time with. Something that gives you purpose. Then no need to wait for the sense of life to come. What it means is you start to create that life that you would like to live, it will come.


tower of power logoA.png

A Tower of Power Partner increases your chance of succeeding by a minimum of 65%


The Creation of Unshakable Private and Business Identities


Armed with a cultivated character and a victorious mindset, you will be capable of taking ownership and dealing with your thoughts and emotions from a point of serenity. You will understand where responsibility and boundaries lie and how to communicate them effectively. You will learn the benefits of prioritizing long-term relationships over short-term gains, standing by your word, being brave, and maintaining integrity through both tough and winning times. With the personal mastery you'll gain in the Tower of Power, nothing is impossible to achieve while enhancing the quality of your life. We keep a close eye to ensure that authenticity stays central, so in the end, you will not only be winning but also cultivating a healthy mindset and respected character.

Henri Meijer, Founder Safe House


Steve Glod

This development has helped me to improve more constructive and positive outcomes in my personal life and business.
Co-founder Naomi_shot.JPG


Director Investment Group

Every day helped me to grow emotionally and mentally, which has definitely elevated my career and my skills in positioning myself in life.

Alex Feil 
Film Producer

Brilliant knowledge for my personal life and career.

Stewart Alsop III

Freelancer, Podcast Hoast

Brilliant knowledge for my personal life and career.

Tenika Davis

Model and Actress

The Tower of Power helped me to unlock limiting beliefs, Henri became an important part of my team and journey.
Tyson vs Jake.jpeg


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The Tower of Power Program

Please fill out the application-form below to gain access to your Tower of Power Program.

Apply for a Safe House Retreat

Safe House combines a 3-day transformative retreat with Henri Meijer and luxury concierge services in stunning global locations, ensuring a memorable journey to personal victory. To ensure the highest quality, we limit our retreats to a maximum of 10 editions per year.

Private Clientele

To become part of Henri's Personal Clientele, please contact us at for inquiries, or select the option 'Private Clientele' in the application form. If you are an agent, assistant, or manager making an inquiry, please click here.

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