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"Brilliant in-house knowledge for my career and personal life"

"Safe House provides great insights and knowledge about life, leadership, and how to deal well with people. Besides that, Henri helped me excel with clarity and direction. I highly recommend Safe House because of their brilliant in-house knowledge for personal and career growth.

~ Christian Schroeder

Investor and Founder 10x ValuePartners

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"The development of self that helped me to evolve professionally, and solve matters privately "

I follow Henri's Tower of Power program, I highly recommend working with Henri on your personal and professional skills. I'm way more efficient, feel less emotionally blocked and feel more confident with my decisions. We always achieves a more positive and constructive outcome.

~ Linda Stanneider

CEO Brandlab | CXO Huawei


"Strategising life without massive dependencies is self-evident, yet has to be a conscious choice that requires effort."

"Henri helped me clearly see a few things that were holding me back. Ultimately, the main idea that I embraced after our sessions was that I should strategize my life without massive dependencies on other people and partners. This is self-evident, yet it has to be a conscious choice that requires effort.”

~ Denys Zhadanov

Entrepreneur and Board-member Readdle

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The Tower of Power Program


A personalized program that enables to evolve on a self-aware and high level of emotional intelligence. 


Our research and results have shown that keeping a clear separation between personal and business identity based on authenticity is key to achieving lasting success. And enables people to well-function with clarity, confidence, and integrity.

We work with individuals across various industries, including Business, Sports, Entertainment, and Social Movements, which also gives us the possibility to create opportunities by matching the right people. 

In general I work and combine 9 life-criteria of career driven people. I took some examples of your type of clients, so you have a better idea were my expertise can help TPA to built and safeguard their clients. 

1.0 Detect and solve personal blind spots, including self-corrupting tendencies 

Examples of some self-corrupting patterns I help to solve frequently:

  • Lack of Belief or Self-belief (even if having some success);

  • Faking their belief; 

  • Self-corruption by not willing to take the responsibilities that come with success

  • Fear of Success; 

  • Fear of Disappointment;  

  • Fear of Commitment;

  • Fear of Failing; 

  • Career defines your lifestyle --> instead of your career (or business) being built around your lifestyle;

  • The feeling of Emptiness or void;

  • The feeling of Superiority (and thus having a lack of connection); 

  • Self-harming tendencies to get out of situations (this can be the use of drugs or purposely harming a relationship)

  • Having a Hostile Mind;

2.0 Building a mind that can handle success

I created a 3 stage process that helps your clients to handle and enjoy success

  1. Self-awareness, meaning how self-aware the person is. (People that are not self-aware usually underestimate or overestimate themselves)

  2. Career or Business identity. The more self-aware you are, the more you are capable of acting consciously and you can create an identity that 'plays' as a role. Without losing track of your authenticity, it will give you more control and power or choice.  

  3. Authenticity, and not compromising authenticity. This is important for branding and their public image because if you compromise in this area, you can lose integrity and trust in the eyes of your audience, and thus lose your audience. 

3.0 Problem Solving 

I assist in solving any issues between private and professional life and relationships. This can be from simple to complex problems. In the end, I always find the best solution for my client's career and well-being 

My talent is also to talk people out of bad decision making, or get them out of escalated situations

4.0 Personal and career growth

We make sure the client is not holding on: to people, things, or beliefs that don't serve them anymore

  • You don't waste time on the wrong collaboration;

  • You don't spend time with the wrong peer group(s);

5.0 How to maintain and grow success in creative industries

Macro view and strategy:

  • Success

  • Craftsmanship

  • Innovate

  • Success


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Tower of Power Program

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Safe House Experience

A personalized program, up-leveling self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 

Enabling people to well-function with clarity, confidence, and integrity within 12 sessions.

A unique 3-day one-on-one experience at one of the most beautiful locations on the globe. To master the complete Tower of Power Program in 3 days.

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