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Elevating Business's best and brightest


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If you are an entrepreneur seeking to improve, someone with an ambitious career, or finally starting your own business, then our Tower of Power Program is the perfect fit for you.


Every program is unique and tailored to the individual. Developed with the knowledge we gathered by working with entrepreneurs and their teams and our in-house knowledge that helped these individuals evolve in self-awareness, human relationships, and social and communication skills. We have seen success drastically increases when you master these pillars in life. 


Starting my own business

Our No.1 program for founders and people who want to make their dreams into an ambitious career. 

We will help you with your roadmap, clearly distinguish between your career/business and personal identity, master communication and social skills, and become more self-aware.


Entrepreneurs, founder and CEOs

The Tower of Power Leadership Program

If you are an individual who wants to empower people in groups as well as individually, inspire and have a private life and life style 


your integrity being an inspiration for others, your reputation being defined by your actions, and even if you screw up, you showing ownership and vulnerability to restore harmony. Isn't that an individual you trust, follow, and want to relate to?

That is where Safe House shows its true value. If this sounds interesting to you, fill out our application form, and we'll get in touch with you. 

 so that they  individual with these trades is not based on some tricks you can learn,  

Business leaders, founders, and individuals with high ambition in any industry, we don't train based on conventional leadership. I would even say that at Safe House, we do not even go deep into management or high-performance coaching. 

  Being well-spoken to bring your vision across, speeding up the process based on knowing with whom to share vulnerability, 


your message that people feeling empowered by you are because take ownership on anything you do. often are charismatic, and master the art of being relatable. Their vision inspires, and they are well-spoken if you sit down with people that have the talent to make you feel great about yourself. 


Take ownership of their words and actions 

Integrity, if you don't have a huge charisma, what 

 reat leaders and people who had an impact on our history have commonalities 



 we train at Safe House are not based on traditional leadership education, nor is it even to much connected to business strategies.  to take ownership


As a leader, it is important to understand that people choose and follow characters they can relate to. Natural leadership, therefore, is strongest with people who know how to match (not mirror), and some part of their character is relatable to others. 



At Safe House, we help leaders to become excellent at matching, understand the power of vulnerability with their close core groups, and show kindness combined with fairness. 

Relate too n business; we help you increase confidence, and competence, and be in tune with reality. While in the private sphere, you will understand the importance of kindness and fairness. Increasing reliability and empathy will lead to more connections and being in higher states of energy. 


Master the art of human relationships and get profound awareness of the psyche behind your perception. Instead of feeling disappointed or trying to force situations, you will create realistic views of who people are and how their actions define them. You will learn how to gain respect naturally and acquire skills that filter out the people who match and do not match you on your personal evolution. The most significant benefits of this module are that you will stop wasting time for wrong reasons and be capable of creating more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life. 

Membership for High-Growth Founder

If you are interested in the full Tower of Power Program, select the full program option in the section application form. To guarantee our highest quality we only create 10 full individualized Tower of Power Programs per year. 

tower of power logoA_edited_edited_edited.png


Here are some elements of the Tower of Power that help you improve life quality, and help you to master social skills and communication in human relationships. 

- Vulnerability used in the right way speeds up processes in Business and is one of the basic components of how humans emotionally connect. 


- Ownership of words and actions 

- Being capable of understanding, communicating and positioning yourself based on the past, present and future version of yourself.  

- Vulnerability speeds processes between people and processes. 

- Matching, not mirroring 



"Solving blindspots you never acknowledged before and some you have but didn't do anything about. That in itself provided new positive energy and the freedom to move forwards with confidence. I would highly recommend it!"

~ Nicola Pinder

Representative of the state of Baden-Württemberg for the U.K.


"Henri showed me how to break down my emotional patterns, which allowed me to achieve both my personal and professional goals so much quicker through his Tower of Power program."

Entrepreneur and Investor

~ Steve Glod


"Becoming a better leader, by evolving on our good points and solving issues to the heart"

CEO and Founder Huera

~ Marc Coloma


"The Tower of Power helped me to emotionally and mentally grow, which elevated my career in various ways"

Program Director Mxcel - METRO group

~ Sylvia Dudek

Linda Stanneider.jpeg

"The development of self that helped me to evolve professionally, and solve matters privately"

CEO Brandlab | CXO Huawei

~ Linda Stanneider


"Transformative work turning the personal suffering of being an entrepreneur into positive and productive energy"

Entrepreneur and Chairman EO, Berlin Chapter

~ Carsten Hermann



What you should know before applying

Prior to submitting your application, please keep in mind that our ability to provide you with effective guidance and representation is contingent upon two fundamental principles: complete honesty and full transparency. These principles are not merely desirable but rather indispensable for ensuring the safety and success of both our esteemed clients and us. Additionally, privacy and discretion are integral to our core values and are highly respected at Safe House. Please select the aspects that are most relevant to you in the application form, and we will get in touch with you afterward.


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