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Henri Meijer

The Tower of Power



Your version of success and quality of life.

Based on the principles behind why you do what you do, we build success, create peace of mind, and cultivate significant mindsets.

Why do some individuals reach the heights of their potential and careers while others fall short? How important is it to grasp the intrinsic 'emotional math' connected to your unique design as a human? And are there universal rules that, once understood, increase your chances of success? And why is it more important to achieve your version of success, than a superficial or even imposed version of success to make it last? 


At Safe House, we believe that the key to building and sustaining your version of success—whether it involves wealth or the need for significance—lies in understanding the fundamental 'whys' behind your actions. Once you gain a precise understanding of these, you shape a mindset and motivation that supports you in the life you deserve and desire, that will resonate on a universal level.  This wisdom will help you to endure and thrive with a resilient and joyful mind and spirit through all seasons of life, both challenging and beautiful. Once you understand them, you will never lose the success that intrinsically belongs to you. 

Together with you, we will dedicate a series of sessions to discovering what your version of success looks like. For instance, what is your economic 'magic number'—the figure intricately linked to your motivation, resilience, and peace of mind? This number sets a foundation that allows you to create from an abundant state of mind. Life, along with building your career and business, becomes significantly more enjoyable when you have a clear plan and strategy where these matters are thoughtfully incorporated.

Welcome Safe House's Tower of Power Program

A Pathway to Personal and Professional Greatness

The principles behind your personal success

Gain a profound understanding

of the principles behind your version of success

With a mathematical approach, we figure out why you do what you do and how money fits in. These principles define what success means to you, and we'll make a plan to achieve it in a smart and sustainable way.

Good riddance

Understanding your principles and motivations will automatically help you eliminate habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Your God-given talents

Start dedicating more time and effort to the activities that come naturally to you, the ones that make you lose track of time and energize you naturally. They significantly contribute to your overall quality of life.

Start living in the power of choice 

After the first three stages, we'll identify the elements in your life that are for the long haul and those that are just for now. We will create an ethos—a framework that guides your decisions on when to make moves that support your personal and professional success.

Personal success and quality of life

With this 360-degree approach, you now have the insights, strategies, and a victorious mindset that will not only enable you to live your version of a successful life but also make you an inspiration to others.

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CEO and Founder

The development and sessions always helped me to improve a more constructive and positive outcomes in my personal life and business.
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Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Briljant knowledge for my personal life and career, loved every session. 


Director Investment Group

Every session helped me to emotionally and mentally grow, which has definitely elevated my career and my skills how to position myself.


Model and Actrice 

The Tower of Power helped me to unlock limiting beliefs, Henri became an important part of my team. I am very grateful for every session.




We would like to get to know you first, understand your current position, and assess your status quo. We'll conduct a brief assessment to identify the best ways we can support you.



After our call, we will send you an intake form that must be returned within three days to secure your spot and ensure a timely start to your program.



Once we receive your intake form and payment, we will begin developing your personalized Tower of Power program. You will be notified of your session start date shortly thereafter



Our Tower of Power program has successfully guided over 200 entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, and entertainers to discover and sustain their personal success throughout the years.


Henri Meijer has developed a streamlined system that equips you with insights into your intrinsic needs linked to your economic baseline, defining personal success and empowering you to pursue your career and business aspirations with a cultivated character and mindset.


We provide exceptional quality at a great price in the market for result-oriented personal and professional development.

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Henri's Bio


A Glimpse Into My Journey

My journey into entrepreneurship started at 15, during the early days of search engines. Growing up with an artist father, I discovered my passion not just in composing music but also in trading vintage guitars, which the World Wide Web enabled me to do globally. Four years later, I shifted my focus more to music composing, which unexpectedly, led me to work with people who struggled to reintegrate into society. Through music, we were able to let them express their feelings and speak authentically. Here, I found a much deeper sense of meaning, which, without me knowing, later in life, gave me a clear definition of my purpose and how I can make a constructive impact on the lives of many. I wanted to create a safe space, a place where you can evolve beyond the defaults of your own suffering.   


 'When what you think, what you say, and what you do are aligned, we experience harmony in life'. 

A Trusted Business Family

Almost two decades later, this vision evolved into Safe House, an identity that holistically embodies that ethos back then. This ethos forms the foundation of every safe house company. We highly value individuals who treat their surroundings with a familial mindset, prioritize long-term relationships over short-term gains, stand by their word, are authentic, and place great importance on maintaining integrity. At the Safe House Business Club, we nurture a community of like-minded established individuals with a need for significance, who only choose to let people close who demonstrate these traits.

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