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A new generation of Business leaders

How business leaders that raise awareness on authenticity, business and personal identity are becoming the game changer for the health and wealth of their companies

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Illustration by Martina Poiana


Feeling fulfilled through the different chapters of our life is tied to our capacity to embrace growth and evolve.


Whether that is in terms of career, personal, loving relationships, family life, a particular skill set, exploring the world, or any other form of mastery; We all have individual goals connected with our human needs.

However, the pursuit of happiness and success is not particularly known for its friendliness, comfort, or compatibility. Instead, it will test how well you react to reality, your capability to adapt to change, and whether you can keep an open and determined mind while you handle 'failure' before you reach your goal. 


When we face these challenges, it is crucial to have clarity of mind and anticipate rather than be reactive so you can prevent becoming emotionally and mentally exhausted. 


We have seen that when you create a clear distinction between personal and business/career identity based on authenticity, which means not compromising your morals and values, it leads to more fulfillment, career success, productivity, mental and emotional health. 


The beauty is that the more aware employees become and start implementing this in their life, the less receptive they become too mental and emotional exhaustion, such as anxiety, depression, burnout, and addictive behavior.


This has to do with the simple fact that you create emotional and mental mind frames that have no bandwidth for those structures, by communicating and honoring the morals and values of your company culture and the people connected to it. Of course, there are nuances to the story, and any of us can acquire a trauma causing mental challenges; I am not saying it is an all-time solution to all these problems, but we have seen people dealing with those problems overcoming them fast and not falling back using our methodologies. 


But there is no doubt, for any ambitious and career-driven person, if you have a profound understanding of your personal and business/career identity based on your morals and values, this is a game changer. 

Let me give you an example of why your business or career identity should not be the same as your personal identity. In business/career life, respect, authority, competence, and confidence play a more dominant role than in your personal life.


Imagine you would always act from authority with everyone in your private life; I bet you will not always get the wished-for results or a healthy connection in your relationships. The danger of not placing and honoring those ‘rules’ for where they belong could jeopardize your goals, relationships, dreams and could leave you vulnerable to obtaining emotional and mental scars that are harmful to yourself. 

'How admitting mistakes early will give you more respect in the long run. 


Henri Meijer | Founder Safe House

Photo by Jasmin Steidl

Employees are often afraid to admit a mistake. This has various reasons that can stem from education, culture, and upbringing. And since there is no proper education on this, they are not even aware of its consequences for them and the company. Sooner or later, the mistake will be discovered and trust and respect will be lost. 


By educating and training people about the benefits of admitting mistakes early on, we have seen a tremendous change in the processes of companies, saving not only time but also costs.   

This has to be created on both ends, not only should the employees practice these routines, but also the people in leading roles have to create a culture where it's safe to admit and to come forward if you made a mistake. In the long run, you gain respect on both sides, and trust and repour will increase.  

How to stay on top for founders and C-level 

Over the last decade, I had the chance to work and collaborate with the establishment and start-ups in various creative and commercial industries. And started to notice why the establishment stays on top and some start ups lose grip on their business or career. 

Besides that, you need to have a profound understanding of your personal and business identity connected to your authenticity. Another factor that plays a huge role in obtaining success and maintaining success is innovation.


Not innovating your craftmanship and career while you are on top is a silent killer.

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Illustration by Martina Poiana

Especially in the entertainment and start-up world, success and impact can gradually fade out because of the lack of innovation. And you won't even notice it if you don't know where to look.

What the establishment does differently from individuals with one or two-time success is they constantly innovate. They force themselves back to the drawing board and consider how they can evolve their craftsmanship and business.


Not only philosophy and vision play an important role there, but also being up to date about the latest trends, collaborations with people who have momentum, and keep educating yourself are crucial.


This is not easy to do when everything is comfortable and seems to work independently. But Innovation is something other than opportunity. And Innovation is a choice of moving forward evolving, independently of your success, so that you become the creator of your opportunities and have personal fulfillment because you evolve.


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