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The private network for fast-growing

Safe House is a highly curated membership community for entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs.


Become part of the fastest growing high-growth start-up community in Europe and the UK

For our members, success is just the beginning. What they really crave is the sense of belonging, support, and connection that can only be found within a highly curated community of peers who share their entrepreneurial spirit.


Your Safe House group

Join a monthly group of 8 entrepreneurs led by a Safe House facilitator who facilitates discussions where members share advice and provide critical feedback to help each other accelerate business growth.

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The Top Talent for Start-up growth 

We understand the challenges of identifying the most suitable service providers/personnel for a given job, be it lawyers, UX/designers, recruiters, programmers, developers, and so on. To address this concern, we curate an organically growing Top Talent list of specialists and services that have been endorsed by our members and are deemed highly reliable.

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Dinners & Life Community

We host 4 dinners a  in all our top locations where our Members are active. We are aware of the importance of real-life connections, and that is why we facilitate these unforgettable evenings together. 

Digital Community

Access an online community of founders and CEOs who offer helpful advice, guided by a digital concierge, and a weekly newsletter.

Personal Development

For those interested in personal development and seeking to evolve on a personal level, we give access to specialists that have developed methodologies and offer solutions that create a mind-frame that is especially useful for entrepreneurs. Two sessions are included in your membership,

Even more benefits to come 

We will keep creating benefits for our members while our community grows. We are in service of the growth and healthy life style of our community. 


Together we'll win

Safe House started as a service-driven organization, supporting international clients on business, career, and private matters. We've started to organize monthly get-togethers with our clients and realized that the power of putting the right people in the room with each other, they started to support, solve and create opportunities together. 

We know that the road to any successful career, business, or exceptional professions comes with countless challenges and can be lonely. Finding and keeping the right people, services, or teams that support your vision and career can take decades to create and foster. 

This is where Safe House shows its worth. Connecting through a highly collaborative and inclusive community that helps each other succeed and understands the sacrifices and heights you are going through. Premium Memberships offer Safe House facilitators and representatives who will assist you profoundly with any business, career, or private matters.  

How do we get the best people for the job? We asked each member to recommend the best people and services that were of significant importance to their results and success in the build-up and current phase of their career and business. This is how we created our top talent vetted list, vouched by our very members for our members. what do you bring to the table 

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Safe House Membership Criteria

At Safe House, we gather business best and brightest. Our members have an average annual revenue of €10M, and to become a member, the minimum community requirements are €1M in revenue, a €1,5M in funding, or a previous exit.


We cater to formerly tech and digital startups exclusively for the founders and CEOs. Our Safe House groups, consisting of 8 carefully selected individuals, have similar-sized businesses in similar industries to create maximum synergies, share solutions, and opportunities.

We are all about quality over quantity, and that is why every applicant goes through a thorough interview and assessment process. Out of a large pool of applicants, only 15% are accepted into our community, resulting in a truly exceptional group of individuals who cultivate meaningful relationships and bring significant value. 


We believe our community is truly special based on like-minded members, so we decided to let the community grow organically through member recommendations. So, if you're ready to join us on this journey, we will win together!

Is Safe House for you?

Let's check it out

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