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Join Safe House a highly-vetted network of high-growth founders, investors, and creative & commercial performers.

Safe House is an invite-only business club for individuals of influence in commercial and creative industries. 

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Providing easier access to finance and capital in the gaming industry,
raising over 100mil to supports its multi-national structure.

Parth Das

Founder and CEO The Collective Ace Group


Co-founder Cavalry Ventures and running networking events and masterminds on wealth, capital and entrepreneurship

Rene Linden

Founder, Deep Green and Space Garden


Knowm as the 'The Brooklyn Torch', justin is a professional boxer, podcast host on revolt and franchise founder

Justin Biggs 

Founder, Chateau Merlot 


Providing easier access to finance and capital in the gaming industry,
raising over 100mil to supports its multi-national structure.


Three time Emmy award winner, reporter, and media personality. 
Founder of Media platform. 


Pioneer in the tokenised real estate space in NYC, together with his business partner Martin Braithwairth

Anna Breidt

Founder and CEO Oyess GmbH

Michael Okwu

Media Personality 

Sophie Fereres

Founder, LiSa E-commerce 


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The strength of Safe House is embedded in the quality of its Members. Our membership is by recommendation only, followed by a qualification process that cultivates a community of authentic people. 

While sustainable success requires not just skill and determination, but also a cultivated network you can trust, rely on their support, and show excellence in their competence. That is what Safe House is all about. A community of individuals who have been there and done that.


Exploring opportunities together, getting critical feedback, and connecting you to the right players. Join Safe House an opportunity network creating a universe of possibilities. 


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Bjorn Bakker

Serial Entrepreneur

"An exiting group of people, outside of the network I build myelf. Safe House is significant in it's match-making."

Meet six NEW exceptional business owners, founders, and CEOs every month. Join a group of 4 to 8 people, your personal board of directors who’ve been there, done that.

We only gather proven track records. From serial entrepreneurs, funded startups to venture-backed scaleups, join success-verified individuals from a diverse array of industries.

will guidefacilitator you while you meet work  Core Group, people who have businesses in various industries together and matching in core groups, where you meet monthly guided by an appointed facilitator and share critical feedback, experiences, and create business growth.  

We are a vetted network that can elevate your worth as a business owner, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. Our community is all about creation, wisdom, and significance in an opportunity universe of like-minded people. Welcome to your new tribe. Welcome to Safe House.

Our community is all about creation, wisdom, and significance in an opportunity universe of like-minded people. Welcome to your new tribe, welcome to Safe House.




Six degrees of rotation

Based on the theory of Six degrees of separation we create your core groups. Every month you'll meet six like-minded business owners for three hours, in a guided conversation/setting done by your personal facilitator. 

For those who seek to expand and move in a highly vetted like-minded opportunity network, our monthly rotating groups are a perfect fit. You have the chance to sit down with six remarkable business owners in your TIER group every month! 



Reader Portrait
Model in Pink
Reader Portrait
Model in Pink


The steady Eight 


Would you prefer to meet with the same group of founders over a period of 12 months, then join your set of a curated crew of eight founders, guided by your personal executive facilitator. Dive deep into discussions, share insights, and get critical feedback to supercharge your business growth.





Founders starting at a min €10M in revenue, creators reach and influence-driven

As an entrepreneur, you have a minimum of 10mil revenue a year, as a creator or entertainer you need to fulfill certain criteria concerning impact or influence we pin down in the interview stage

Min €15M in funding

A testament to your business's potential and vision is having secured €20M or more in funding. We welcome founders whose ideas have captivated and garnered significant financial backing.

or a previous 50mil+ business exit

A prior successful business exit speaks volumes of your entrepreneurial acumen. At Safe House, we value and recognize founders who have previously charted successful entrepreneurial journeys.

Join the highly-vetted network for high-growth founders in Europe and the Middle East.

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