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Safe House Membership Criteria

At Safe House, we gather business best and brightest. Our members have an average annual revenue of €10M, and to become a member, the minimum community requirements are €1M in revenue, a €1,5M in funding, or a previous exit.


We cater to formerly tech and digital startups exclusively for the founders and CEOs. Our Core groups, consisting of 8 carefully selected individuals, have similar-sized businesses in similar industries to create maximum synergies, share solutions, and opportunities.

We are all about quality over quantity, and that is why every applicant goes through a thorough interview and assessment process. Out of a large pool of applicants, only 12% are accepted into our community, resulting in a truly exceptional group of individuals who cultivate meaningful relationships and bring significant value. 


We believe our community is truly special based on like-minded members, so we decided to let the community grow organically through member recommendations. So, if you're ready to join us on this journey, we will win together!


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