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Thank you for Supporting Safe House

Welcome to Safe House

  1.  What is Safe House?

    - A private network of High-Growth  Founders

  2.  What are the benefits of Safe House? 

    - Become part of a monthly group of 8 entrepr
    eneurs where the members share advice and provide critical feedback to help each other accelerate business growth, narrated by Safe House facilitator

    - The Top vetted list of service
    providers/personnel, that are endorsed by our members and are deemed highly reliable. This saves time and money for every founder. We interview every member and ask them to help us grow our vetted list of best lawyers, UX/designers, recruiters, programmers, developers, or AI, 
    Web3 consultants, and the list goes on.

    - Life community, we host dinners in all our top locations where our Members are active. We are aware of the importance of real-life connections, and that is why we facilitate these unforgettable evenin
    gs together. We expand to cities where our community is growing. Some impressions of previews dinner organized by Henri Meijer in collaboration with Axel Springer, Harvard Alumni, Plan A,

  3.  Who are we interviewing for our next Cohort?

    For this Cohort (August 2023), Some examples, we are interviewing: 30 under 30 Digital entrepreneurs, Start-up founders with an evaluation between 50mil and 120mil, VCs, which are introducing their portfolio, SaaS companies, and founders who had an exit.




First black-owned Media company of its kind in the states

One of our most beautiful connections was a representation between two parties. We represented InnerLight Media Travis Believes, who is a critical player in the social growth of Tom Bilyue, Prince EA, Lewis Howes, and Jay Shetty, as well as the founder of 10xvaluepartner, Christian Schroeder, who is known for investing, founding, and exiting companies that became more than sum of its parts, creating the first black-owned Media Company of its kind, which has a unique approach to investing in rising media and podcast landscape.


Business cupid at the dinner tables

It all started with a conversation between Nicola Pinder and Lubomila Jordanova at one of our dinner tables. Fast-forwarding, plan A has opened its London Office to Help UK Businesses Decarbonise and Improve their ESG Performance.


With the support of the Department for International Trade and London & Partners, plan A now got the businesses from tech, service, financial, and many more critical industries for the country to report and take action on their environmental impact accurately. 

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