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Embrace reality in your personal life and career to avoid investing in any ‘illusions’/false expectations.

The mind - A Good Place To Live In

Be aware of what negatively and constructively influences your mind. End unnecessary suffering, build resilience and well-being, and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Your Body As A Compass

Develop a good understanding of the gut feeling, learn how to read and write when you lose or gain ‘energy’ with people, circumstances, and self-motivation.

Awareness Of The Self 

Self-awareness means being capable of observing your perception. Our definition of perception is that it's created by your belief system, experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Knowing this helps you monitor and identify how you deal with situations and if your perception is serving you or standing in your way.

Past, Present, Future Self

One of the greatest strengths is being aware of the 'past version of yourself' and communicating responsibly. The same is true for our present and future self. Communication from the present or future self in the correct manner supports the process of self-actualization. 

Profound Communication

Develop a communication style through which you can simplify issues, listen actively, empower people, and identify if others understand you. Learn how to de-escalate and resolve conflicts.

People Knowledge

How to understand the people around you, recognize them for who they are, their values, and what drives them. This is based on their actions, words, and outcomes.

Define Your Leadership Style

Identify your leadership style to empower, and the know-how how to get people behind your dream.

Emotional Dependancies

Having a deeper understanding of emotional dependencies, whether it is coming from family, work, or social. Being able to accept or nurture these feelings, so you can liberate yourself and act and respond accordingly. 

The Power of Choice - Self Actualisation

Evolving in all pillars leads to better decision-making and the power of choice, which increases the quality of life, clarity of mind, and performance.


Congratulations, and welcome to Safe House.


We look forward to having you as a part of our community and assisting your company's growth.

Our members and community are paramount in growing our existence, and you applying to the Tower of Power is great, this offer stands till tomorrow. 

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